Andrea Tindle

With a passion for design, Andrea creates unique art pieces in 
glass.  Ranging from window commissions in private and public 
buildings, to glass jewellery, Andrea"s work explores colour, texture 
and light."

"Andrea"s earliest works were based on exploring colour and form with 
3 dimensional materials, combining painting, embroidery, fimo andsilk.
She continues to explore colour and form, using glass as a medium, 
which facinates her with its boldness, colour and potential for fine 
She studied Graphic Design at RMIT, and worked as a commercial artist 
for 3 years, finally deciding to pursue a career in horticulture. An 
amazing period of personal growth followed contributing to her love of 
nature and design based on plant forms.
After qualifying at a the top of her class in Leadlighting and Stained 
Glass, she has been running her own business focusing on private 
window commissions that push the boundaries, in design and technique.
Her latest public commission, Christ Church Drouin, combines creative 
design with innovative glass techniques such as fusing and kilnformed 

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