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Janine Good
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Looking For Quiet Time,Pastel and Acrylic on cardboard, 125 x 110 cm

Gippsland Artists:  Linking the artists of Gippsland to the world

Gippslandartists.com is a private business that aims to serve the artists of Gippsland.
The site is inclusive and available to anyone who considers themselves an artist.

The aim is:

  •  to provide a low cost web presence to any Gippsland artist
  •  to provide a comprehensive list of artists to the public
  •  to encourage artists through providing exhibition opportunities
  •  to foster the growth of an encouraging network of artists supporting each other

The web-site Gippslandartists.com offers

  • a web-page at minimal cost, or a link to an existing web-page 
  • a listing of exhibitions by the artists represented 
  • a galleries and studios listing 
  • a links page to useful sites

The site is dynamic. Features are added at intervals, in response to perceived needs.

Successes and Hits

Gippsland Artists with the support of Baw Baw Shire has been promoting the artists of Gippsland at:

  • ARTMelbourne 07,
  • ARTMelbourne 08,
  • ARTMelbourne 09,
  • ARTMelbourne 2010- Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

There have been over 4,000 visits to the virtual Gallery web-site a month.


There is no external funding, so in order to continue supporting artists, Gippslandartists.com needs the support of artists.

Fees Structure

Supporting artists

There is an annual fee of $30 for artists who have a webpage provided by Gippsland Artists.  This allows the artist, via the administrator, to:

  • update their images and thumbnail image and
  • to advertise their exhibitions on the site
  • your signature image, name and link will appear at the top of all site-pages on a random rotational basis

There is now another option ($150 setup fee and subsequently $40/year) for artists or galleries.  This option allows the artist, or gallery, to administer their own pages.  Several pages are available and are fully editable; eg: 

  • 'About Us' page:  An artist or gallery can edit their own details at any time
  • 'Art Works' pages:  Artists and galleries can break their works into any number of series or supported artists, respectively. 
  • 'Contact Us' Page:   Users can click on any title of art work image to send the artist or gallery an enquiring email (e.g., with the view to purchase or commission works). 
  • Online purchasing may be added if sufficient interest is expressed.

For galleries the gallery administrator to add pages and add and edit images for any number of supported artists as well as edit their specific details, contact details (eg: email and URL's). For examples of this option see Tracy Roberts' sites.

For supporting Artists who have their Own Webpage there is a fee of  $15.  This allows the artist (via the administrator) to:

  • update their signature thumbnail image, name and link which will appear at the top of all site-pages on a random rotational basis
  • to advertise their exhibitions on the site

Your support is vital to the success of the venture

To enquire about any of these option contact Ingrid or Geoff

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